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When two people linked by webcams strip for each other
Brb I need to lock my door if we are going to stripcam... :/

Yeah stripcamming is great fun.
by Nova><Master November 05, 2006
Describes the control a person has over their emotions.

Can either mean someone is stable emotionally, or that they're bipolar...
What happened to my zonar control?


She just put away three textbooks in one weekend! She must have excellent zonar control!
by Nova><Master October 28, 2006
A sonofabitch that bumps really really old threads...
Fucking thread excavatour, where the hell did you dig up this old thread?
by Nova><Master October 24, 2006
Looks at first like a misspelling of OMFG, the OFMGF abbreviate means "Oh Fuck! My Girlfriend!"
Touch me there!
Yes let's - OFMGF G2G!!!!!
by Nova><Master November 25, 2006
These are standard toppings for burgers & hot dogs. Nobody knows why it isn't the default toppings. Fast Food restaurants nowadays poop out these weird tomatoe, onion, lettuce toppings.

I don't want a fucking salad, I just want my god damn burger! It's not a fucking science.
Ex. 1 - the working man's fight:

(Frank) Can I have a cheeseburger, ketchup and mustard only, nothing else on it?
(five minutes later)
(Frank) WTF I paid for a burger and all you gave me were mustard and ketchup packets...

Ex. 2 - The Restaurant Enigma:

(Bob) Could I have my burger with mustard and ketchup only?
(Waitress) Oh, yes, I'll bring you a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of mustard!
(Bob) No, can you have the chef put the ketchup and mustard on? I hate having to squeeze that shit out and it takes forever. I kind of just want to eat, you know?
(Waitress) Oh, we don't do that! It's not our policy!
(Bob) Fuck your policy, it's called customer service!
by Nova><Master October 29, 2006
An way cooler sounding - and looking - AKA for Member, such as a forum or group member.
I've just been upgraded to Mero Elite, woooot!
by Nova><Master November 27, 2006
I just utterly took something from you and you didn't even realize...
Proper usage after taking object: "ZOINKS!"
by Nova><Master October 28, 2006

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