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a chick who loves to get banged...extremely easy to score with her.
Derived from slang term describing a hockey goalie who lets in alot of goals and is easy to score on.
see also Simcoe Siv
Mac - "I got twisted drunk and pounded that bitch last night"
C'lins - "eeeeee, so did i!"
*SLAP* high five in happiness
Mac - "what a fucking siv"
C'lins - "lets get drunk again"
Mac - "indeed"
by NotTheFather123 October 19, 2006
the act of purposely ejaculating inside of a female, despite her clear instructions for you not to do so, then pretending it was an accident.
see also Simcoe Salmon Swim
Mac - "hey man...go give that broad a whoops-a-daisy"
C'lins - "will do, good sir"
.....later that night

C'lins - "ahhhhhh, fuck that was good"
Broad - "what? did you just cum inside of me? i told you not to!"
C'lins - "ummmmm, don't worry baby, i'm drunk"
by NotTheFather123 October 12, 2006
cumming inside of a vagina, regardless of the vagina's owner making specific requests against it prior to the sex act.
-not unlike salmon, your boys are swimming upstream to spawn....however, you are drunk, and we all know that when you are drunk you can't get a girl pregnant
see also whoops-a-daisy
C'lins - "you perform the Simcoe Salmon Swim last night?"
Mac - "you would be punctilious in assuming so"
C'lins - "awesome man! i hope you were drunk though"
Mac - "fuck, mother fucker, i know how to execute the mother fucking simcoe salmon swim, i practically invented that shit"
C'lins - "let us celebrate with the drinking of several pabst blue ribbons"
by NotTheFather123 October 12, 2006

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