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A Quaalude, Sopor, or Parest (methaqualone) tablet. It was coined in the mid-70's, before most people ever heard of Ecstasy. It is a hypnotic (sleeping pill) that was popular due to its side-effect of lowering sexual inhibition in females (it tended to make males somewhat impotent.) The term disco-biscuit (with a hyphen) shifted to refer to Ecstasy (and the hyphen was dropped) when methaqualone was made a Schedule I drug and withdrawn from the US market in 1984.
Give that girl a disco-biscuit and you're sure to get laid.
by NotSteve September 18, 2006
To attempt to fool or trick someone, usually in jest.
Bob to Bill: There's Tyrone. Let's jack his berry.
Bob: Yo Ty, your car was just stolen!
Tyrone: Don't jack my berry.
Bill: Just kidding! But I did your girlfriend at the no-tell motel.
Tyrone: That slut!
by NotSteve September 13, 2006
The fetid, unwashed buttcrack of someone, usually an overweight black female. First used in a Hustler Magazine cartoon, circa 1979.
Lawdy Latisha, didn't you wash yo funky butt befo' leavin' da house?
by NotSteve September 10, 2006
A brain, or the inside of one's head.
All this thinking gives me a pain in the berry.
by NotSteve September 11, 2006

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