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6 definitions by Not Who You Might Think

One of the best movies ever. Kristen Stewart actually smiles
by Not Who You Might Think October 05, 2013
Being famous on Youtube rather then being famous for movies, songs, tv shows, etc.
He considered himself to be famous until his brother told him that he was only Youtube Famous.
by Not Who You Might Think November 13, 2013
A moment where the setting, or what's happening is just so surreal, that it would be great for Instagram.
It was an Instagram Moment when she saw the seagull swooped down into the water.
by Not Who You Might Think July 03, 2013
Foodtography is what the name implies. It is the art of taking a picture of food that you will eat.
The art of Foodtography was shown when she took a picture of a salad.
by Not Who You Might Think August 30, 2013
When you expect or thought you felt a text or a phone call, but instead you just got either an alert for a game, or nothing at all. You then feel embarrassed and read the time aloud, as if that was your true intention.
She checked her phone expecting to see a text from her friend. Nothing. "The time is 3:37," she read to her sibling who was watching her. She had successfully pulled off a "Time Check."
by Not Who You Might Think August 17, 2013
A food or drink that takes away a fowl, stomach churning taste.
My water was a Taste Disintegrator when a plate of steaming slugs was placed in front of me.
by Not Who You Might Think July 04, 2013