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A low-class member of the internet comment brigade. Derived from intertube and youtube combined with the fact that many tubers seem to have roughly the intelligence and shape of a potato, this being a different kind of tuber. Tubers can generally be recognized by the fact that their comments bear little to no relevance to the subject at hand.
News article: "The Norwegian election may have been rigged."
Tuber 1: "how do i post coments?"
Tuber 2: "the REAL problem with this country is the two party system that allows for rigging!"
by NorCur July 24, 2011
The element from which politicians, jobsworths, Hollywood action movies, Animorphs books and IKEA furniture are made. Most people will find it impossible to notice or care about any differences between multiple things made of replacium.
"I can't really decide who to vote for. Any suggestions?"
"No. It doesn't matter. They're all made of replacium anyway. Whoever becomes president is going to bomb a Middle Eastern country, incarcerate dark-skinned people, and subsidise agribusiness."
by NorCur August 23, 2011
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