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4 definitions by Nor-Cal

to come up on somethin, to find something of value such as a $20 bill on the ground. Also to rise to the top financially
i came up on a dime bag i saw layin in the park
by nor-cal March 07, 2004
804 447
A town on the northerner coast of California; Half Moon Bay.
Don't give me no bammer weed, we don't smoke that shit in the HMB.
by Nor-Cal April 15, 2003
98 36
to steal object of any source, such as a friends chair as he leaves to use the bathroom or a $5,000 necklace its all the same
my car stereo got shwooped on, they cut it clear out
by nor-cal March 07, 2004
7 1
an alcoholic drink- primarily beer
pass me another foamer
by nor-cal March 07, 2004
19 49