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a word often used by pirates whenever they have experienced a loss or pain
Yarr! My pirate's booty has been stolen.
by nope October 17, 2003
german for "dirty pig"
Du Sau !
by Nope January 28, 2003
The whitest blackperson alive
Damn LioNR your white
by nope March 14, 2005
Cyrus....................... is da winnar
swatz is gay
by nope November 10, 2003
kid who thinks nadine baker is his friend.
thats what hapens whenn moorstown kids try to takl to twp kids.
by nope May 07, 2005
Homosexual Male that has a small penis, or even a mangina.
Im glad im not Shazzy.
by nope April 17, 2003
A female with whom you exclusively have sexual relations. Unless it's an open relationship, in which case, see fuck buddy, cock holster, or Janelle.
I've got a girlfriend who's better than that, and nothing is better than this. Or is it?
by Nope December 11, 2003

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