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Word used in the north of England which simply means a bell-end. Can be used also as an insult.
"My belsk is purple."
"You are a right belsk."
by Noodle May 16, 2005
A phrase to shout out in state's of surprise. Originated in Rochdale, and is on of the most Rochdalian things you can say.
"I just farted"
"Reet Bugger!"
by Noodle November 14, 2004
Usually used after the word willy to form the phrase 'willy mintos'

An announcement of elation and/or disbelief.
I've won the lottery? Willy Mintos!
by Noodle November 28, 2003
combination of anticipating and anxious; excited yet nervous at the same time
I was so anticipatious for the track meet because I wasn't sure how well I would do, but I couldn't wait to compete.
by Noodle May 16, 2003
Derogatory term for a Chinese man. Usually one with bad clothes and unkempt hair, who acts in a manner that reflects lack of social skills. (Derived from the Chinese term "Ge-mer" meaning "buddies" and mispronounced by Dr. Clark Guilliams.)
Some goombar butted inline while I waited for the bus.
by Noodle December 11, 2003
1 General IRC personage, with an obsession for Urban Dictionary.

2 User who tries unsucessfully to install Linux many times.
Gah, that azio failed with slackware again!
by noodle July 13, 2003
A verbal shrug

1.Used when lacking effort to say anything substantial/ when miserable/tired of conversation.

2. Replaces 'i can't be bothered'
Al: 'Comin out tonight Sal?'

Teacher: 'What does belug bwlah blah..?'
Sal: 'meugh'
by Noodle February 08, 2004
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