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22 definitions by Noodle

its like a noodle but longer
im gonna have sum nodle for dinner
by noodle September 08, 2003
Freak of nature: not a desirable quality. A 14 year old girl who is a bitch, whore and an aneorix slut who has not real goal in life.
Kate Van Der Kann is a fon.
by noodle September 06, 2003
1.An unkempt youth, generally has lots of hair/lice
2. A tramp, a homeless person
3. A scruffily affectionate version of the hobo
1.Gee Wiz, look at that for a hobo, a human dread maan.

2. Aww come 'ere yous great hobo.
by Noodle February 04, 2004
its longer than a nodle, but shorter than a noddle
im gonna have sum noodle for dinner
by noodle September 08, 2003
its like a nodle but shorter
im gonna have sum noddle for dinner
by noodle September 08, 2003
A person who deficates at the end of girls beds while being confused about his sexuality
<SPAFFmeh> the bird is the one I shat off the end of the bed of
by Noodle February 07, 2005
to be gay, in the most homo of forms

also known to the french as " Le poofta"
im am homo, call me GAV
by noodle March 06, 2003