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A hot blonde, blue eyed , white girl
Looks like a hoe but isn't
Or used like a Nickname
That girl, Snowflake, is a dick tease
by none November 05, 2003
A gang in Pennsylvania
Yo man, convict is bangin those black and orange flags 'round here. We better stay away.
by None June 15, 2006
Pre-cum from an uncircumcised penis that has been worked up into a frothy / white state.
Pumping his foreskin up and down turned the clear pre-cum into thick scuz.
by none June 15, 2003
Someone that does not eat meat, use leather, eat eggs, etc.
A vegitarian feels bad for the killing of animals and usage of animal products so does not take part in the usage or consumption of either.
-Unidentified sci-fi offerer "Would you like some meat?"

-Unidentified sci-fi reciever "NO!!!, I'm a vegitarian!
by None March 04, 2005
See ricky da punk
Flask is fat
by None November 19, 2003
A company which litigates rather than doing anything productive or innovative. Funded by and similar to Microsoft.
SCO sued me again.
by None June 01, 2003
the act of sucking on someone's balls usually refered to as a homosexual act
Dude, those two were tea baggin' last night.
by none December 30, 2004
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