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A Swedish orange soda. Locally very well known.
This zingo is tasty.
by Ulf Andersson May 11, 2005
Interjection: A one word sentence used to express approval or positive enthusiasm in a commentative manner.
Used as a stand-alone sentence.
Friend: Yo I tore some fucking sweet pussy last night.

You: Zingo.

Friend: I just got to level 21 of Nazi Zombies
You: Zingo.

Friend: Last weekend I got baked and went to laserstorm!
You: Zingo!
by Dr. Purlz October 28, 2009
The only grocery store in the Pike Creek valley. If you live in Newark, you've probobly spent atleast 50% of your life at Zingos. Its the only grocery store you've ever been to, you wouldn't dream of shopping anywhere else... it would be a sin. Only place on the face of the planet that cells Super Chill water.
Me: Where are you?
You: At the grocery store.
Me: Zingos?
You: Theres another one?
by SuperChillH2O June 12, 2008
a plastic suitcase, a turd, or a guys thing.
Andrew Leeds has no zingo.
by none May 31, 2003
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