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1. What to say when you'll accept anyone, regardless of any strange secrets they may have.

2. The best closing line ever said. It actually WAS perfect.
"You don't understand... I'm a man!"

"Well, nobody's perfect."
by Nobodyinparticular May 19, 2007
The ONLY reason to ever watch FOX.
If it weren't for The Simpsons, I'd just watch ABC.
by Nobodyinparticular May 19, 2007
What one says when in shock and is in public.
"Sir, your car's been stolen."

"What the--?"
by nobodyinparticular March 24, 2007
A mispronunciation of a line from I am the Walrus.
"Coo coo Kachoo"

"It's 'GOO GOO G'JOOB,' you idiot!"
by nobodyinparticular March 27, 2007

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