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to be clued up is to be savvy. comes from the french verbs 'savoir faire', which means the 'know how'.
damn that boy is savvy.
by nobby January 02, 2005
this means.....................£9.99
my grandma always says this
"oooh it was ten pounds all but a penny!" cheers grandma
by Nobby March 10, 2006
A frozen orange drink.
sold in a cardboard, pyramid shaped container, sold by IDRIS ( I think ) in the early 50's.
by Nobby February 06, 2004
surname of famous fashion desinger to the stars, vera wang.
i really like that dress by vera wang
by Nobby July 19, 2004
to 'gypsy' can be mean to 'steal'
i just gysied me a nice ass zippo lighter
by Nobby July 21, 2004
verb meaning to get fucked up the ass (not literally)
1.you know when you've been rasmus'd
2. what i wouldnt do to give that boy a good rasmus i tell you
by Nobby July 26, 2004

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