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10 definitions by NoLove_4_BS

Usually used when talking about another person, when you can't remember their name.

As used in southwest of the U.S.
Yea, I saw eeerr,"Ole Numb Nuts" wrap his car around that tree.
Whatta fuckin' loser.
by NoLove_4_BS April 21, 2009
a term usually shared with attending friends,while at a boring or uninteresting place.

Also a term used to express disgust toward a person, place or thing.
This place sucks and so do the people that come here,Let's "get the fuck outta dodge"
by NoLove_4_BS April 22, 2009
To savor a nice wet soft pussy with slow and steady tongue action. Ending with a direct and light sucking action of the
clitoris, right before and during a woman's orgasm.
I could tell by her grateful and satisfied smile, that the munching
she had just received, was to her liking.
by NoLove_4_BS October 27, 2009