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A woman who keeps having Children
There Family is poor because there mother is a hot oven
by Franda May 28, 2006
28 10
Farting under the duvet and causing a warm gust of pungent air to be expelled when the sheets are disturbed.
Dude, don't hot oven this bed when we're heads and tails
by BCMLQ December 26, 2010
9 5
Generally refers to an idividuals terrible breath .

Not smelling of poop , but beyond poop .
a mixture of all the foods the preson has eaten at the time of them not brushing their teeth .
usually occurs when the person has not brushed his or her teeth for a while .

and can't be fixed just brushing once ,
it takes a while after teeth brushing .

Your oven can remain hot for about three days

even with brushing , because of the previous weeks/days of neglect .

when your oven is HOT ,
your teeth tend to be yellow , NEON yellow .
and black around the edges .
you will notice people lean away from you or stick their finger under their nose .
Man #1 ; daaaaamn did you smell thaat ?
Man #2 ; yeaaa , thaat oven was HOT . . .
Man#1 ; yeaa i know , she always has a HOT OVEN .
by AyeSparksLoves October 01, 2009
7 4