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The process of being hacked by a H4xx0R.
Gary: i just OWNED your ass bitch you fucking suck the cock
Tim: OMFG YOU ASS w3v3 b33n H4xx0R3d!
by NixonIsBack June 05, 2005
A hacker as defined by a geek using l337, a very good hacker...
Jim: OH, OH, PWNED BITCH..omg u suck ur so bad i OWNED you
Harry: shut the fuck up u fucking Haxx0R bitch
by NixonIsBack June 05, 2005
A dickweed is a person insignificant enough to be a weed and is also considered a dick
Billy: hey ted ur such a loser why dont u go home and cry.
Ted: shut the fuck up dickweed
by NixonIsBack June 05, 2005

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