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An expression used to describe your emotions after an extremely catastrophic event. It basically describes a tuesday obviously that ones testicles become holy. No one knows the origin, or the actual date the testicles become holy, but, we do know for sure that it's a tuesday. And thats just crazy.
me: John I just finished the rest of the beer.
John: Holy testicle tuesday.
me: No it's Saturday.
by Nitsuj0207 June 19, 2010
This is when one person asks another a question and neither of the two people know the answer. Therefore the "smarter" of the two people may suggest using Google.
me: hey billy how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

Billy: Idk, How many?

me: Idk either?

Billy: When in doubt google it
by nitsuj0207 June 26, 2010
The act of getting a massive erection in the form of popping a tent. Occurs at any time, not neccesarily during camping, or other outdoor activites that involve tents.
joe: Mike wuts up with that poptent?
Mike: Oh shit my bad your mom just grazed up on my schlong.
by nitsuj0207 June 20, 2010
Sex Position-When fucking a girl from behind, whether it be anally or vaginally, your promiscuous K9 friend comes up to join the fun, and then procedes to lick your asshole. (some may enjoy more then others, depending on a number of situations, bread, size, and what kind of relationship you may have with your dog)
Hey babe wut position do you want to try tonight? How about we try the Doggy Delight.
by Nitsuj0207 June 19, 2010
Terrible tasting brew that calls itself a beer, originated from the one and only greatest state ever. New Jersey. Tastes of Celery and hairspray at most but not all times, unusually better tasting when warm. At this point it goes from the norm of celery and hairspray to a more cat piss, arm pit sweat taste, which one may enjoy more then veggies and hairproducts. If you enjoy getting your haircut, while consuming your daily amounts of vegetables, this should be your beer of choice.
Hey does anyone want another exit 4, Im heading to the fridge now?

No thanks, I dont like produce junction, nor do I enjoy hair salons.
by Nitsuj0207 June 19, 2010
A tiny toddler that is an annoying little fucker.
I babysat justin yesterday and that kid is a stupid little fucktot.
by nitsuj0207 June 20, 2010

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