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What I'm praying will be denied George W. Bush. Hopefully, he won't rig the votes again.
by Ninja Disaster August 27, 2003
1.) Overexposed NASCAR driver who wouldn't be half as famous as he is if he didn't have his father's name. (see: media whore)

2.) One who turns left in a stripped-down family sedan for 4 hours. (see: boring, mindnumbing, and trivial)

3.) One who lacks any real driving ability. (see: talentless)

4.) One who crashes and burns on road courses with right-hand turns, no matter how slight they may be. (see: unintentional drifter, granny shifter, handbrake whore, and noob)
Poor Mr. Earnhardt... Flying off the course and bursting into flames on that 10-degree right-hand turn...
by Ninja Disaster November 21, 2004
When the receiver lets one rip during anal sex, increasing the pleasure for the giver. So long as he can ignore the smell, anyway...
"That was one nasty skank bitch, but that rear hummer felt great."
by Ninja Disaster August 27, 2003
A word 6th-grade ghetto-wannabe fuckheads use in order to be hip. Anyone caught using it should be euthanized on the spot.
Kid1: Yo dawg, wassup?
Kid2: Nothin' bro. Jus' chillaxin.
by Ninja Disaster May 03, 2004
If by "fun" you mean "extremely annoying", then yes. It is a "fun" introduction to Love Hina.
This song makes me want to commit suicide.
by Ninja Disaster July 08, 2004
Dances with Wolves, minus Kevin Costner.
Meh. The whole premise has been seem before, but it was still a decent movie.
by Ninja Disaster May 12, 2004
Short for robot. An automated machine or computer program designed to perform a specific task with little or no human direction. Unfortunately, also the means by which half of the definitions on Urban Dictionary are sent to Quality Control.
So far, we've had DenBot, UrbanBot, Cracka Killa Bot, X-Bot, l337b0t, ÜberBot, and a few anonymous bots. UD really needs to keep these idiots in check.
by Ninja Disaster August 26, 2004

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