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A TV shopping show. Mostly has useless crap nobody would ever need.
The best thing on the home shopping network is the knife collectors show. Atleast they don't sell sega products.
by Sega Slayer October 27, 2003
The perfect oportunity for a bored housewife to buy a ton of useless shit on her husband's credit card.
$300 for a solar-powered toothbrush with a built-in hedge trimmer. I'll buy it!!
by Ninja Disaster June 19, 2003
A station that, instead of selling out, just plain sells - particularly to pregnant women, bed ridden old people, and people who like to shop but are too lazy to go to the mall.
I bought this fake diamond off of the home shopping network ... what a snag.
by Deezy June 24, 2003
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