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The ultimate Disney animation show on. It has had beatiful character's such as Ms.Finster and Randall you both fornicated with Rhandelle.
"Haha I watched recess today, doesn't randall look like the sign interpreter?"
"Yeah let's name it Rhandelle."
by Niloc February 21, 2005
Like family game night but...
Those aren't dice in gramma's hands...
That's not a spinner in mom's hand...
and that's DEFENITELY not a penis you're inserting into your sisiter's vagina. Oh wait... yes it is.
Usually includes statutory rape and pedophillia.
"Can me and sis sleep over at the couisns, their mom said we're gonna have a ALOT of fun.
by Niloc February 22, 2005
The wallet Jules Winnfield make insanely popular in '90's.
I bought a BMF the other day, it suits Jules better though...
by Niloc February 21, 2005
When a fully retarted person gets away with something, usually in school, that the average joes would be eaten alive for. It also unfairly and somewhat commonly applis to add/adhd kids. Take your fucking Ritalin. Or die. Or eat shit. Just kiddin ya bunch a tards. Also know as rp, when banned from being said. This may be considered taboo, but don't whine 'cause. it's true.
"Nathan, be quiet."
by Niloc February 21, 2005
Synonymal for Easy Does It. Mostly applies to gang war-fare in which firearms are presnt.
Gangsta: Cracka,where that mo-fuckin' electric lettuce you promised ma ass??!
Thug: *cracks knuckles*
Cracks: *pulls out Uzi* "Negro ya ass gone have to wait a minute, uzi does it."
by Niloc May 29, 2005
Slang for Marijuana.
Man I got fucked up on electric lettuce last night.
by Niloc May 29, 2005
D-Qwan, to describe a dance move as weird, great or both. It comes from the D-Qwan's Dance Grooves; the video in Napoleon Dynamite to teach Napoleon how to dance, which he does at the speech part of the student president campaign. He scores the vistory for his pal pedro.
"Man, that move was staright-up D-Qwan!!!"
"Thanks, wait, did you just call it weird?!" *punches d00d in teh face*
by Niloc March 02, 2005

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