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The tip of ones penis
Dude my P cap got slammed in a door... (other guy) dude wtf why do i want to know
by NikoBCurts January 07, 2011
The most amazing girlfriend ever and most wonderful girl on the planet. Could possibly be the love of your life and is unbelievably gorgeous. And she is absolutely beautiful in every way possible. She is also perfect in everyway you can imagine She is the most heavenly, sweet, scrumptious, nicest, blissful thing the world has ever seen. She is a smart and beautiful girl with a great personality that brings joy and laughter to everybody. She has big beautiful eyes and she is small but so cute that you want to pick her up. She smiles all the time and when she smiles it makes you want to smile. She is Perfect and flawless in every way. The sweetest girl you've ever met. She's smart, beautiful, playful, caring, lovely, and beautiful again. She is a very special girl that i love and deserves everything. She is also very sexy.
Guy- who is that amazingly gorgeous girl?

Other Guy Oh thats cole we all wish we had her
by NikoBCurts April 27, 2011

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