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hyped up
I hate dose loud, roudy kids.
by Nikko February 04, 2004
Nick: Hey, wanna go to KFC today?
Tom: Sure. I haven't had great chicken in ages.
by Nikko May 11, 2005
Northport's way of saying bounce....like lets go
Let's badoucne outta here!
by Nikko June 23, 2004
Hocus Pocus
If you know the game Ragnarok Online,
people use the word HP to shorten Hocus Pocus. It is a skill in which a Sage summons a monster and wreaks havoc.
Same goes with HP party.
Novice: OMFG! THE HP SAGE HP'd the n00bs
by Nikko April 13, 2005
To complain Continuosly.
Kamiyama: Dearest mother. Cromartie high has finally been adapted into an anime. But, when the original work is a manga and is adapted to a cartoon, there are some people who BITCH about things like character design and voice casting... So I thought...
Next example
by Nikko May 11, 2005
Almost close to Bishoujo or Hentai.
Its just cute girls that appear in CGs.
They also appear in Superdeformed characters, and kawaii overdose.
Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh. or

I like reading dengeki comics.
by Nikko May 03, 2005
a fine ass person, that look hella good.
Yo, dat female ova derr lookin like a piece.
by Nikko February 04, 2004
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