32 definitions by Nikko

A fastball at a baseball game
also called "The old Pepper"
Baseballer: Alright ! Here comes the pepper! Take this!
by Nikko April 27, 2005
if realy a gangsta and aint neva scared swing on that mother fucka and sow u aint shit but mouth
if u a real g nock his hook ass out fuck that "nuck if u buck" fo
by nikko October 20, 2004
Short for Mammoth Tank. Usually used by people playing Command and Conquer Renegade when there are mammoth tanks on the field
RFPuppy: W00t! I built 5 mammys!
by Nikko May 11, 2005
roudy, stepin up or flashin on somebody.
Them parties be hecka hyphee; Oh, he tryna get hyphee wit me.

roudy, crazy
by Nikko February 04, 2004

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