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A gender-neutral/gender-queer/transgender parent; a parent who does not feel completely male or female
J doesn't feel comfortable being called "mom" or "dad" because s/he doesn't feel as though s/he fits the mold of any one gender; therefore, hir kids call hir "Dukes".
by Nik June 03, 2004
The act of recieving blowjobs from Christian music festival attenders dressed as spiderman...
I was osculating like no other, yo, g-unit.
by Nik April 25, 2004
short for get together ( small gathering involving drinks and such)used alot in puerto rico
loco vamos al get de mariana
hey lets go to marianas get
by nik December 24, 2004
good, you clicked my link (if you dida search for guns and roses) if you did than you dont know shit about guns n' roses, well geuss waht?.. you just learned something, that its not guns and roses its guns n' roses...see the difference? this is what people search for if then know a thing or two about them, and knwo hwo to spell it right. anyway...there an almighty band who unfortantlly broke up cuz axl is such a faggot. dotn get me wrong.. i like his voice, but he himself is gay..he made the rest of the band sighn the name over to him or he would leave them, how low is that?!
guns n' roses are teh almighty ones!!!!
by Nik October 05, 2004
shortened term for opium
yo son, lemme peep that op you just copped
by Nik April 21, 2004
Stands for either Totally Awesome Dude, or Totally Awesome, Dude. Can be used as an adjective synonymous to "cool".
He's a totally tad dude!
by nik December 05, 2004
A series of books that I think personally are interesting enough, but the people who go out of their way to hate harry potter and the people who are freakishly obsessed, are much more interesting. in fact, if it wasnt for these groups of people, it would not have a deffiniton on this site
person1: harry potter is so cool!! i love him!!
person2: harry potter is a fucking dickhead i hate him!!!!
person3: why are we talking about harry potter?
by Nik January 27, 2005
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