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the taste that food aqquires after being in the fridge too long.
"oh man, you're chocolate tastes like the smell of your fridge, it's got fridge taste!"
"dude, that's disgusting, why?"
"cause your dang fridge smells bad, clean that shit up!"
by nickynoodle April 26, 2007
Flip dang it is the clean cut version of saying fuck dammit.
Nicky: Flip dang it, i just pissed all over the dang toilet seat.
Annabelle: Fuck dammit that sucks donkey dick!
Nicky: Dude you're so X rated.
by Nickynoodle May 28, 2007
german for childrens dream...
kinder = child
Nicky: "dude, you have kinderträume!"
Ned: "what the hell?"
Nicky: "you have childish dreams."
Ned: "i see."
by nickynoodle April 27, 2007

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