15 definitions by Nicky

When a girl uses her teeth during oral sex. Its not a good feeling at times.
He slapped his girlfriend when she started raking the beach.
by Nicky April 22, 2005
The description of a males genitals.
Oh come here baby and let me fettle you undules....
by Nicky January 14, 2005
Anything and everything you could imagine.
Yo my mhuglette, you look extremely mhuglette today. Hello my friend, you look ravishing today.
by Nicky November 18, 2003
I think Avril is very very very good... She writes her own music, plays guitar, piano and drums and is 100% awesome! ROCK ON AVRIL!
Avril Rocks! Keep up the good work!
by Nicky February 27, 2005
awesome aussie band that sing the songs "for one day" and "it's too late"
"for one day" was played on an OC ad!
by nicky March 16, 2005
The Shit, verry good jane. best that i have ever had.
I smoke that shit all day.
by Nicky March 24, 2005
means a BIG ASS jerk. It also means being a prick. The person with this name has anger problems,lack of respect,talk too much and then put the bame on to some next person. always want to be the centre of attraction,if they are unable to be that they become rude and abusive. always have nymphomaniacs as girlfriends.

can be occasionally lovable and cuddly,and caring to an etent where you could almost forget their bad qualities.

they generally call themselves playas, but almost never are and stay true to their nymphomaniacs.
hi my name is jagdeep, and i am playa, look at me,look look look!!!!
by nicky March 03, 2005
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