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Real Definition:This scrumptious purple plant comes out of Mendocino County, in northern California, where she began as a clone-only plant among the medical marijuana community. BC Bud Depot has developed a stable cross to make Purps seeds available. The Purps is good in indoor and outdoor environments, finishing well in a coastal British Columbia climate.

The Purps is a pungent girl with medium thick leaves and green hues that turn more purple as the plant ripens. Her moderate side branching makes her amendable to both pruning for a sea of green garden, and, alternatively, encouraging her to spread out as a multi-branch plant. BC Bud Depot prefers growing The Purps in soil with medium organic feedings, because it enhances the flavors in this mooth and complex strain - hints of buttery caramel coffee and woodsy floral pine.

Indoors, The Purps reaches an average 3-4 feet at harvest, while outdoors she can grow to 6 or 8 feet. Her hight can be controlled by shortening the vegetative phase, which may also influence her final crop. The Purps' indoor yields range from 1.5 to 2.5 ounces per plant, while outdoor plants will produce 4-5 ounces each. These plants require 8-9 weeks to finish, which places harvest in the last half of October. Although she is a hrady, pest-resistant strain, the Purps is more suited for gardeners with a few crops under their belts.

The buds are tasty looking and smelling, with deep purple coloring and a frosting of resin. The flavors are soothing and tantalizing, lingering pleasurably on the tongue. The Purps high soars into a longlasting purple haze of playful euphoria. It produces an active, awake feeling with a very low burnout factor. A nice antidote to depression, these rich flavored buds turn the blues to the Purps.
Hey ben whats your favorite weed The Purps Lol!!!
by Nickolaz July 13, 2009
Grape Kush belongs to the Blueberry family bred by DJ Short. The Blueberry strains mix indica with haze for a combination of happy stone and easy, adaptable cultivation. Specifically, the indica genes give the plants a shorter growing season than the slow-growing and sometimes finicky hazes. Blueberries tend toward a blue tint in the leaves and a berry flavor in the smoke. Within the Blueberry family, Grape Kush is the peaceful child. This strain's high is a physically soothing, but still hazey enough to keep a conversation flowing.

Grape Kush was developed for indoor growing, but can flourish outdoors as well - even as far north as Holland - especially if given organic nutrients. Indoors, she prefers soil but adapts well to hydroponic systems, too. In general, DJ Short recommends light feeding with nitrogen and organic nutrients; however, Grape Kush loves all of the good worm castings and bat guano she can get.

Grape Kush branches bushy, especially when topped. Like her Blueberry relatives, she is dark green to purple with lavender/red hues. She has thicker and more variegated leaves than the other Blueberries. The larger calyxes on her bulkier, more "rounded" buds show a distinctive fox-tailing structure late in her flowering cycle. Her variegated leaves sometimes curl or "krinkle"; this is an expression of anomalous recessd traits from her diverse ancestors, not a mutation that indicates an unhealthy plant.

Grape Kush finishes in approximately 8-9 weeks indoors, or from late September to mid-late October outdoors. She is medium in height and heavy in yield - 25 to 50 grams per square foot at 50 watts per square foot, or up to 1 gram per watt under optimal conditions.

Growing plants have a strong odor, both sweet and musky.The harvest from this strain is connoisseur-grad ebud with a sweetish smoke. The high comes on very slowly, building up for as much as an hour, and then settles in for the night - a bit more like a pot brownie stone than the usual smoker's rush. traces of haze in the stone add inspiration to the conversation, and some radiant dreams or fantasies at bedtime. It's a relaxing and social effect, like red wine, and a good antidote to social anxiety.
Hey Tom smoke this grape kush its good for anxiety.
by Nickolaz July 13, 2009
Pierre Cardin is an Italian born French Fashion Designer, who was born on July 7, 1922 he makes really preppy clothes and the polos are really cool its kind of expensive. But i can afford thats all that matters.
Hey that Pierre Cardin shirt rocks.
by Nickolaz July 13, 2009

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