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Cock Blister, (noun) cock-blister
1)A sore that occurrs on the "cock" from exsessive cock beatingor masterbation.
2)A swelling of a localized area resulting from dry humping.
3)A bump of puss aquired from your friendly naborhood ho. Probably should get that checked.
4)Resulting from chaffing from clothing during pilates.Fag.
1)Why are you acting like a "Cock Blister"?
2)Your about as smart as a "Cock Blister", cause yer heads' full of puss.
3) Thats about as painful as a "Cock Blister"!
by NickName4U April 20, 2006
Shit Kicker, shit-kicker:
1) Another term for a hick, coyboy, cowgirl, or butt pirate.
2) A term used to discribe the lameness of ones' shoe.
3) Some one who plays with road apples or cow patty's. Usually not the sharpest knife in the electrical outlet.
1) Damn, you got some ugly ass "shit Kickers" homie!
2) Go back to the farm you "Shit Kicker".
3)leave that 10 gallon "Shit Kicker" hat at home!
by NickName4U April 20, 2006
1. Some one, (man or woman) who utilizes their tounge to "juggle" the nuts of the scrodom sack. Some one Who is good at it should be able to get a good rotation of the nuts for maximum stimulus.
"Damn girl you're a good ball juggler!"
by NickName4U May 20, 2006
Ripe Anus, ripe-anus
1) A point in time directly after the relese of flatulants pertanning to the oriface.
2) The lingering smell of an individual who has a severe case of the mudd butt. In this case, an uncomplete wiping of the anus.
3) A refferance to the tightness of a girlfriends brown eye. Perhaps a boyfriends. Not my preferance.
1) Dude this song sucks Ripe Anus!
2) You stink, go wipe your ass you ripe anus!
3) Girl you have such a Ripe Anus!( That ones sure to kill her mood. Think it, don't say it.)
by NickName4U April 20, 2006
Spermcake, sperm-cake:
1) The accumulation of cock juice in ones belly button that is the devoured by the partner in question.
2) The puddle of sperm mudd that is consumed from the anal oriface.
3) A second term for muffin butter.
4) The frosting of the vagina by jizz.
1) Can I eat your "spermcake".
2) Finish your "spermcake" dear or you won't get sloppie seconds!
by NickName4U April 20, 2006
Usually an air biscut that has occurred without warning.
They're said to be quite foul, and almost edible if released in close proximity to anothers face like a fartpie.
"Bro, I think you have a "Gastral anomaly" seeping from your anus." "I'd go check my shorts if I were you."
by NickName4U May 20, 2006
Sperm mudd, (n):
1)A tasty concoction of sperm and shit devoured by a third party in a threesome.
2)A Japanise delicacy derived from Logging.
1)Jenny ate the sperm mudd off my girlfriends ass.
2)I saw this Japanise porno and this chick ate the sperm mudd out of the other girls ass!
by NickName4U May 14, 2006

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