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Old - One that believes his race to be superior.

New - Somebody that does not agree with the political agenda of a Minority organization.
What do you mean you don't support affirmative action? You racist!
Illegal Flirting. Annoying somebody in such a way that reminds them that sex exist. Sexual Harassment cases are often used as a tool to harm politicians or to make millions for individuals (and their lawyers) through lawsuits.
Since everybody has flirted with somebody at some point in their life, this charge can be brought against just about anybody. This "crime" is often put on the same level as rape.
An excuse for the government to ignore the constitution. (We all want to be ‘safe’ don’t we?)
Despite the 5th amendment, the Iraqi and Afgan prisoners were denied a fair trial in the name of national security.
Somebody that thinks differently than you. Anybody that has an opinion that differs from current government policy. This term allows politicians to speak of their rival's agendas without actually having to explain exactly what their rival's beliefs are.
The war on Iraq was supported by right-wing extremists.

The World Trade Center was attacked by religious extremists.

The anti-war protesters were leftwing extremists.
A designated "protest zone", surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards. The Democratic Party set up such a zone several blocks away from their 2004 Convention, and it is likely these zones will become more and more frequent at national events in the future.
But the fact that somebody can use the words "freedom" and "cage" in the same sentence -- and still manage to maintain a straight face -- is simply amazing.

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