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a. Without a doubt; certainly
b. In fact; in reality
c. the act of agreeing.

d. simulaneously concurring while being a smart arse

used in place of the word "indeed".

Since its creation in 2008, invented by the most wonderful person in the world, the "ium" fad has emerged.
PersonA: "do have a massive schlong?"
PersonB: "indeedium, it's that gigantic that in the morning when i crack a wood.. i dont just pitch a tent, i thrust a hole straight through the roof"
PersonA: "i see, well that would explain why your house has 12 sky-lights and 15 fire places"
PersonB: "indeedium"
by NessaceryAction August 27, 2009
a term often used when one makes sudden requests.. (the word is a combination of the name "bjorn" and a sensitive part of the male anatomy- the "testicles, hince "bjornicles")
"bjornicles ...can you make me a coffeeeee please? :)"
by NessaceryAction August 28, 2009
It's when you give fellatio to a chicken...
david: "cough, cough, cough*" (while making his dinner)
vanessa: "you alright there dave..?"
david: "yeah, just giving fellatio to a chicken"
vanessa: "oh, umm.. are you telling me your pecking at his pecker?
david: "yep, i'm deep throating the cock's cock!"
vanessa: "guess you would call that...foul play"
by NessaceryAction August 31, 2009
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