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similar to "out of sight, out of mind", but slightly more insulting. Refers to someone who is your best friend/romance when with you, but seems to forget your existence when not in your company. Came from a trip I took to the beach with my dad and our family dog. I asked if the dog remembered going to the beach when he was a puppy. My dad said, "He probably remembers being here before when he's here, but when we go home, he doesn't remember coming to the beach."
Bill is really sweet and attentive when I see him, but he never calls or emails me. He's a total dog at the beach.
#dog #beach #boyfriend #forget #out of sight
by Nerdy_girl May 27, 2010
The hardened bit of lotion that forms on the end of the pump nozzle.
My hands were so dry, I hardly noticed the lotion scab while I was rubbing in the lotion.
#lotion #hand cream #hand moisturizer #body lotion #body moisturizer
by Nerdy_Girl June 28, 2011
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