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When a mind-blowing sexual encounter shocks a person's nervous system and renews a said person (usually single) physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Side effects of rebooty make include: loss of memory of past sexual partners (usually those who deserve to be forgotten) or becoming clear of previous sexual hang-ups.
Nora: "Oh my God, you are beyond glowing. You didn't just have sex -- you had total and complete rebooty."

Rob: "I know. I feel like a totally different person."
by NerdAboutTown March 07, 2010
When people try to convey a sense of sympathy (most likely insincere) by leaning their head as if their hair's weight is too much.
Ugh. When I got laid off, all my coworkers approached me with heavy hair.
by NerdAboutTown April 24, 2010
When a member of a book club should be ashamed of their choice of selection, thereby subjecting the group to a woefully disdainful pick.
Laura: "God, what was Sara thinking when she picked 'The Devil Wears Prada?' She should be ashamed of herself."
Rob: "I know, right? If I were her, I'd be committing book club seppuku at our next meeting."
Laura: "Ha! Yeah, but I don't want blood on the carpet. Or on the apple cakes."
by NerdAboutTown January 13, 2010

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