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5 definitions by Neo Phoenix

A description of how poor someone's short term memory really is by drawing similarities to a goldfish.
Girl: Hey! What did I say a minute ago about which items I wanted to order?
Guy: Jeez. Someone's been once 'round the goldfish bowl! It was that new book you saw.
by Neo Phoenix May 18, 2012
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A verb to describe warm, affectionate and intimate cuddles in the bed between two people who love each other. Ideally with everyone being naked (or near naked).
Girl A: 'Hey, I though John and Cheryl were coming today?'

Girl B: 'She rang to say they were going to beddle instead today as John is going away for a couple of weeks'

Girl A: 'Awww, that's so sweet!'
by Neo Phoenix May 12, 2013
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The dreaded sticky, and usually ice cold patch, in the bed created when a gay guy either:

- misses the other guy during mutual masturbation and instead cums over the sheets, or

- after successfully shooting his load over the other guy's chest it is caused by the dribbling of the cum down their sides and onto the bed.
Guy 1: 'Why is it always me that gets to sleep in the wet patch?'
Guy 2: '*sniggers* Try aiming better next time!'
by Neo Phoenix May 18, 2012
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The hard-on you get when having a Skyrim on a flight.
"Man I got such a Skyrim boner, while my guy was licking out my ass on out flight to New York. It led to the bext hand job ever!"
by Neo Phoenix May 06, 2012
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The term used to describe the sexual act of rimming while on a flight.
"My boyfriend gave me a right ole skyrim during our flight to New York. One of the best I have had!"
by Neo Phoenix May 06, 2012
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