80 definitions by Neo

word used in order to create an awkward silence
*awkward silence*
by neo October 19, 2003
a person who sucks so much ass they can be the monkey sitting in the corner throwing poo; one who licks feces
get off the computer you dunglicker
by neo October 11, 2003
Vagina, pussy, equivalent of "axe wound"
Joe "She's just whining about her croutch wound, and if she doesnt' stop I'm gonna collect on that rib she owes us."
by Neo June 15, 2003
Penis, cock, rod; see "Dookon"
Brandon "So did she suck that D-knot or what?"
by Neo June 15, 2003
A Word Used in fourms and IM's

Meaning Lazy Fuck or Lazy Person that you hate

Or it can simply Mean a Lazy Person or Object
1.Goddamn Pat, Swaka
2.Dude my sister is a Swaka
3.I feel like a Swaka
4.My Computer is Broken, SWAKA!!
by Neo July 11, 2004
an asian shirt lifter
saddam! be careful! yassers behinf you
by Neo December 26, 2003
One of Saddams sons, infamous for his torturing of athletes and his torture-rape-murders of women.
Uday is dead now and good riddance.
by Neo October 30, 2003
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