80 definitions by Neo

1. an energetic person
2. a mercenary from the game megaman x5
3. yo momma
think about it...
by Neo December 26, 2003
Rap made with a Computer, mostly to make fun of this Crappy music

See Rap is Crap
See the Sound Examples For it!
by Neo July 14, 2004
A whorish girl, comination of the words "Slut" and "Whore".
Barry "So what's she like?"

Joe "I hear she sucks off mad cock, she's a total slor."
by Neo June 15, 2003
To defecate, take a dump, shit.
Barry "Anyone in the bathroom upstairs, I gotta drop a squat."
by Neo June 15, 2003
A song by the singer, Gackt. It tends to make fangirls squee and laugh hard. Especially the ones who've seen the live video.
"Did you see the live video for Vanilla?"
"Yes, it made me squee."
by Neo January 18, 2005
the fart that comes out making a "QUACK" noise
ummm hortense? did u step on a duck?
no... it was yo momma!
by Neo December 25, 2003
Someone so retarded, they don't even make the grade as a retard, thus being harftarded e.g. George W Bush, David Beckham and Saddam Hussain's travel guide
Your mom is such a halftard
by Neo December 21, 2003
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