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a person who sucks so much ass they can be the monkey sitting in the corner throwing poo; one who licks feces
get off the computer you dunglicker
by neo October 11, 2003
Feces, shit, poo; short for "Biological Chocolate"
Joe "Somone just dropped the illest bio-chocolate in there."
by Neo June 15, 2003
Vagina, pussy, equivalent of "axe wound"
Joe "She's just whining about her croutch wound, and if she doesnt' stop I'm gonna collect on that rib she owes us."
by Neo June 15, 2003
A phrase used when one is speechless, conversation, filler. Best suited for awkward situations or general agreement.
-awkward situation-

Homer "You know son, I've pulled a few boners in my day."

Derek "Well alright."

- general agreement -

Joe "Wanna get shithoused tonight?"

Barry "Well alright."
by Neo June 13, 2003
chad(Dark-) sux big ass balls in his mouth.
by Neo March 30, 2005
A play on unl33t.
Unaware of or not into British slang or style.
Bravenet is unbr33t because they censor the word wanker but not the word tosser.
She drank that watery soggy mess and did not know what real good tea tasted like. How unbr33t.
by Neo December 28, 2004
Blow me
Bojwol Baemevig! You little bitch!
by Neo September 23, 2003

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