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Verb; to ejaculate, cum, splooge.
Noun; equivalent of jizz, spunk, jizm, semn, sperm.
- Verb-
Barry " Did you jang on that bitch's face or what kid?"

Joe "Nah, but I shot a hot one down her gullet."
by Neo June 15, 2003
1) Offensive term for a homosexual.
2) A bundle of sticks.
That faggot has been having buttsecks.
by neo February 28, 2005
Lucine is a girl with red curly/straight hair she must have a bro whose name starts with a D and ends with a Y and could be the name Danny..and also she rules over her brother. she has many cuzins...and she likes old movies espacially ones made in 1994 andstart with my father the hero
Lucine Takes from her Brother
by NEO September 03, 2003
a fag; someone who is so retarded they become the vacant hole of a fruit loop; also see ass clown.
get your hands off of my boyfriend you fruit loop.
by neo October 11, 2003
When Something Changes in the Matrix
" Hey Deja Vu "
" What did you see "
" A saw a cat go by and then another just like it "
by Neo November 03, 2003
A chubby belly, particularly on a female; "Chelly".
Brandon "How 'bout that honey, she's got some chel for ya."

Ron "I know, but I need some real chelly, you know I like'em big.
by Neo June 15, 2003
To pick one's nose.
Barry "I just caught Johnny spelunking, man, he was knuckle deep."
by Neo June 15, 2003

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