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Pronunciation: 'kEs-t&r, 'kIs-
Variant(s): also kees·ter /'kEs-/
Function: noun
Etymology: satchel (English slang)
slang : BUTTOCKS
The word is out about town,
That Rock Hudson loved it in the brown;
He eschewed the nubile maids,
And now he has a case of AIDS.

Those who finally got him,
Penetrated his well-rounded bottom.

While down in Tijuana Town, when asked:
"Hey meester! Do you want to fuck my seester?"
Rock replied: "Hell no! Sock it to me in the keister!

-- doggrel, circa 1985
by Nelly Scratch December 06, 2006
Amateur prostitute. (obsolete)
It was rumored that the famous actress Maud Adams was a dolly mop before going down big in the theater.
by Nelly Scratch January 14, 2007
Noun. 1.) a woman whose bodily dimensions are dominated by her humongous tookus; 2.) a dame who is all gams; 3.) any broad possessing an unusual if not downright odd body type whose corpus includes a supersized rumbleseat, which a gone-astray Cub Scout troop could easily wander into and disappear, never to be heard from again in our lifetime.

So called after the mythic Tennessee Toddy, a most unusual creature who was "all ass and no body."
...We went to a place called Everybody’s/
There I met a little chick called the Tennessee Toddy/
The reason she was called the Tennessee Toddy/
Was that she was all legs with a little bitty body,/
But that cat could go, yeah, she was gone, gone, along gone,/
And I’ll tell you all about it in the very next verse of my song.

She was long and lean like a green string bean....

--Marty Robbins, "Tennessee Toddy" (song lyrics)
by Nelly Scratch December 13, 2006
1. Penis. Cockney rhyming slang for "dick".

2. Three-card monte. A game in which players bet on which of three cards, turned face down and deftly manipulated, is the queen. Also called find the lady.
"I trussed up the dolly mop before turning her on to me three card trick".
by Nelly Scratch January 14, 2007
Derogatory term for a white male.
National Football League Commissioner Pete Rozelle was instrumental in integrating the NFL during the 1960s. Despite his willingness to takckle the issue of racism, which included taking on Washington Redskins owner George Marshall, many of the Afro-American players -- offput by his white-bread persona -- nicknamed him "Peckerhead Pete".... Many Afro-Americans blackballed or just plain alienated from the NFL found a home in the more-welcoming AFL.

-- Jack Horrigan & Mike Rathet, "The Other League: The Fabulous Story of the American Football League"
by Nelly Scratch January 01, 2007
noun: (medical) a bandage consisting of a pad and belt; worn to hold a hernia in place by pressure and to hinder further protrusion.

verb (1): to tie the legs and arms of a person before engaging in sexual intercourse. ("I trussed up the dolly mop before turning her on to me three card trick.)
(2): to secure with or as if with ropes. ("'Truss up the S&M students,' Fanny ordered.")
(3): to take fast hold of; to seize and hold firmly; to pounce upon. obsolete
(4): to execute by hanging; to hang; -- usually with up. slang
Archie: I can't believe your mother made me go with her to the groinicologist.

Gloria: You should be more understanding.

Archie: When I had a hernia, I didn't make Edith wear the truss!

-- "All in the Family"
by Nelly Scratch January 14, 2007
1.) Verb (indicative): To have sex with an African American.

2.) Verb (subjunctive): To be ostracized for having sex with an African American male.

From the word blackball (blkbôl): (noun) 1. A negative vote, especially one that blocks the admission of an applicant to an organization; 2. A small black ball used as a negative ballot.
Movie star Sue Lyon's career went on the rocks in the 1970s when Hollywood blackballed her after her second marriage to Roland Harrison, an Afro-American photographer and football coach, with whom she had a child.
by Nelly Scratch December 05, 2006

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