1 definition by Ned Experienced

A group of youths who tend to hang about run down ares. They frequent off licences trying to get "old cunts" to buy them booze, then go off and beat each other up. Roam around in "teams" or "young teams", and young teams from different ares tend to fight. They usually carry weapons of sorts : weapons like knives, switchblades and bottles of buckfast. Use phrases such as "gekky" - geeky "well good" - excellent "whit you sayin ya prick" - please repeat your previous statement "yer maw takes the boaby" - your mother enjoys taking penises in her bodily orifices.
If you come out of a convenience store and are suddenly dazzled by white tracksuits/trainers and cheap gold, you are about to be mugged by a gang of neds. they will hurl abuse at you as if to intimidate you, but you will probably not understand it as it will be things like "ye got in yer bag ya dick?" or "geez a swatch ae yer bru wantae?".
by Ned Experienced December 23, 2005

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