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When you pour cement over a girl only exposing her vagina and then having sexual intercourse at a speed unthinkable by the common man. (Check your country's and local laws before attempting this stunt.)
When Mary was sleeping I took her and gave her an algerian jackhammer.
by Nathan_Explosion July 12, 2008
1: a shade of purple not known to man (can not be described in words)

2: the result of a castration

3: an item that is forcefully propelled by vaginal muscles having a velocity of at least 3 mph (object must weigh a minimum of 52 grams or 1.83 oz)
1: The boy's dyed their hair vagincubus.

2: John had a huge vagincubus under his penis.

3: Gwen's vagincubus was a Sprite can and a cell phone.
by Nathan_Explosion July 12, 2008
a very simple skinny black penis with many battle scars and ringworm. (no known cure)
Pete was born with a kenyan popsicle
by Nathan_Explosion July 12, 2008

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