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155 definitions by Nathan

Speed, haste, rapidity or quickness. Gamers often have celeritous reflexes and athletes run celeritously.
Celerity is the defining trait of reflex oriented activities like tennis or halo.
by Nathan July 17, 2004
19 8
one who is a complete loser in everything he or she does.
Jeff, you are such a scrubchaw because you suck at everything.
by nathan January 24, 2005
21 11
(Adj.) Suprisingly high when considering the amount of marijuana that has been smoked.
Man, i'm pretty torn off that little joint.
by Nathan July 20, 2004
43 33
the act of masturbating right after waking up. hence the rise and the shine
1. i had a quick rise and shine this morning
2. mother to teenage schoolgoing son: "time to rise and shine sweetie."
by nathan April 22, 2005
41 32
One who asks or takes from someone's food or money I.E. french fries, money, pretzels
The moocher wouldn't leave me alone until i gave him half of my cookies.
by Nathan March 31, 2003
36 27
someone who doesnt like to drive
eric: Lets go watch a movie
Jennie: ok
eric: you drive
jennie: why did you bust a moshay on me?
by nathan August 10, 2004
12 4
see misspelled term faecal japan
Man, that shit is even more gross than fecal japan!
by Nathan March 29, 2005
31 24