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217 definitions by Nate

breasts that are usually found on trans-gendered men.
Look who's back in da mutha fuckin house wit two big tig ol' biddies for yo mouth!
by nate February 19, 2004
3 64
A perfect three lettered word for getting a 36 point score in the game Scrabble
Should be used on a tripple word score square.
by Nate November 13, 2004
50 112
Study the Bible, If you dont read it then you shall be in trouble
Man1: Hey, you want to study the holy book?
Man2: Yeah, can I bring some mates
Man1: Too right!
by Nate April 10, 2005
12 77
Phrase meant in tease, usually said while tickling another.
Girl tickles a guy and says "neener-neener" as she does it.
by nate August 20, 2002
20 85
verb - to take a wad of dollar (any ammount) bills and bitchslap someone across the face
g money that bitch
dont make me g money you
by nate March 28, 2005
130 196
1- like wigger is a white person pretending to be a lesser person (nigger), a jigga is a japanese person pretending to be a lesser person (nigger).

2-a jigga is a jewish person pretending to be a lesser person (nigger).

3-a nicer way to say nigga
(an older white woman would say this) oh my god! a jigga just drove by in a BMW! what is this world coming too!
by nate July 05, 2004
12 79
Not an acronim for anything but is said when you want someone to calm down.
Hey man youre getting worked up, wtz, calm down, dont worry about it.
by Nate March 31, 2005
7 76