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Slang for something ming boggling... Easier and shorter than saying holy macrole(the whole phrase). Usually heard during a dramatic or suprised state of mind. The same meaning as "Holy Shit"!
When I saw you smash your guitar I was like "Holy Mac" but then i realized it was mine, and i was like "Holy Mac"!
by natalie November 15, 2003
like cool but better
claire and nat are the best/ despite claire's lack of big chest/ they make others drool/ cuz they're too cool for school/ so much cuuuhhl-er than the rest
by Natalie September 10, 2003
verb. The equivalent of being fingered, except the one who performs the act has hooves. Generally thought to be unpleasant and possibly painful due to the lack of mobility and sharp edges of a hoof.
I would rather be hooved than go to class today.
by Natalie August 04, 2003
cool, trendy, steller, sweet, awesome
She is wearing a sta pair of shoes!
by natalie April 14, 2005
CUTPA: is it an abbreviation for Cock Up The Police Ass? it's something like FTP: Fuck The Police...
on the walls (grafitti...)CUTPA!!!
by natalie February 25, 2004
Sebastian Carvell, can be found in DeNiro's, Newmarket.
Shut up Seb you Sprite Goblin
by Natalie September 10, 2003
term of endearment, like "my little sod". If said wrong you are seen to be a nobba.
"Sav's my little bug!!"
by Natalie September 10, 2003

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