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108 definitions by Natalie

This is a term used when someone, usually a girl wears an item of clothing that is tacky, cheap and just plain wrong.
Q) What is she wearing?, the colour is crap and it's 3 sizes too small.

a) Fashion Road Kill
by Natalie August 10, 2004
someone who is so unbeliveably stupid, they don't even deserve the right word for it
OMG, shstoopid, you're not supposed to smell that!
by natalie June 12, 2004
Msning is linked to msn messenger.
If someone asks you what you are doing and you are talking to a friend on msn messenger then you are msning
by Natalie August 08, 2004
spoken by a male: i want to bump uglies and am hoping you're buying this line of sh*t.

spoken by a female: i don't want to date you but don't want you to go all stalker on me or worse: go fem and start crying.
johnny: wanna go out?
ronni: i don't know. i like you for who you are, and...
johnny: so then that's a no?
ronni: pretty much, yeah.
by natalie May 27, 2004
Some flipping acoholics, with no life, use this word excessively in random places that don't even make sense! UGH!
1. That was hurla Ann Smith.
2. We have some hurla shiz in the trunk.
3. She has hurla blonde hair.
4. What the hurl you talking about g-unit?!
by Natalie February 04, 2005
a ghetto nigga daz latin or dat was borin in south america...
im a lil chika str8 from da MIA
by NATALIE July 16, 2004
Means the same as "that was really weak". (A low blow)
That was kleezy of you to stand me up like that.
by Natalie April 14, 2004