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steller is another form of the word cool
Dude that shit is steller.
by totally June 04, 2005
something that is cool
stephanie is not steller
by mohawk204 December 03, 2006
Another word for cool, used by the people who are the REAL cool ones.
I know, that band is steller!
by oneyearatatime December 25, 2009
The incorrect spelling of the word stellar, or the last name of Georg Wilhelm, a German botanist and zoologist who had an eagle, jay, and sea lion (to name a few) named after him.
Those Steller sea lions are stellar.
by verum July 05, 2013
me and abby...chyeah man.
abby and steph are the most steller kids i know!!
by chickana abeulita December 01, 2006