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4 definitions by Nat0069

A drunk shit is the first shit you take after a long night of drinking, which usually is a little more stinkier than normal
Lani: Man, I had like 4 shots of patron, 3 jack and cokes and a couple of jagerbombs last night... I think I need to take my drunk shit now.
by Nat0069 April 22, 2008
30 6
Being a sissy or a cry baby about something thats not important.
Jerry: Man! Felecia spilled her 40 on my new PS3!!!!
Ralph: So what man, stop being such a cry tit!!!!
by Nat0069 April 16, 2008
10 4
A term that that mocks 9-1-1 and is used to let somebody know when they are being a cry tit!!!!
Tracy: Man I cant believe that I missed the pub crawl!!! I am sooo bummed out, I really wanted to go!
Lani: OMG here let me call 9-WAA-WAA!!!
by Nat0069 April 22, 2008
9 4
Is a term that is used to describe a fat bitch.
Thomas: "Ay yo check out that Batch!!!"
Guillermo: " Damn!!! Yah she sure is a fat Bitch!!!"
by Nat0069 April 15, 2008
24 34