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The most amazing girl ever. She's sweet, nice, beautiful, she's always there for you. The only word that can really describe her is 'perfect'. She can make your day 10x better just by looking at you. And then when she talks to you.. It's almost impossible not to smile. When she smiles.. you can't fight it.. you have to smile back. It's beautiful. Her eyes.. The best to be seen. She's the most amazing girl in this universe. Her personality is the best one ever c: She can make me the happiest girl on the planet. Everything about her is amazing, her smile, her face, her laugh, her voice, her eyes, her hair, her name, her EVERYTHING. She's absolute perfection.
I wish Felecia was here.
by Kristina Nicole September 04, 2011
someone who is being a bitch, rude to you. or someone who you don't want to talk to anymore because they are being annoying so you end the conversation with BYE FELECIA!.
any one acting rude to you, or a creeper.
so you just tell them ok bye felecia!
by gigggggly33 December 02, 2010

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