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Female, often presumed human, with an uncanny resemblence of a horse. Not to be confused with Centaurus, the character from Greek mythology who was half man, half horse (although similarities are certainly likely to exist).
Femle with pertruding long teeth
by napa2046 November 09, 2004
The beer flows like wine here and salmon instinctively flock here.
a little place like....ASPEN
by Napa2046 November 11, 2004
When a loser says something irrelevant with the intention of either braking into a conversation they have no place in or gaining popularity with acquaintances. YES! cakeisnice is a simple response
Steve: *talking about cool stuff to his mates and girlfriend*

Loser: "yeah i like cool stuff too, i like girls too and cars yes i do"
....followed by silence......

Steve: YES Loser! cakeisnice
by napa2046 November 12, 2004

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