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To attract members of the opposite sex, some women will finger their poontang and then rub the poonjuice on their neck or other body parts. It is believed that the pheromones in the poonjuice activate some sort of basal caveman instincts in the male's olfactory glands, thus making the woman more attractive or seemingly "irresistable" to the male.
I met some bitch that smelled like tuna but she told me she had on poonfume.
by NakJPaulG April 30, 2008
An addiction to posting and/or replying to personal ads on craigslist.org.
My roommate has been online every day for hours at a time replying to posts, he's got a bad case of craigslust.

by NakJPaulG May 06, 2008
The one or more smaller farts that occur within seconds after busting huge ass
Bill ripped a huge one and thought he had to after fart but he ended up shitting his pants
by NakJPaulG May 01, 2009
The act of hooking up with fat chics, usually after having a few drinks and just wanting to get laid no matter what.
I had a few too many drinks last night and found myself baiting hogs at the club.
by NakJPaulG May 06, 2008
when you have a wet dream in the middle of the day while napping.
I woke up this afternoon after a short nap and realized that I had to change my pants due to a napturnal emission.
by NakJPaulG May 20, 2009
When a chick has huge areolas with bumps resembling braille.
Guy#1: "That chic isn't wearing a bra"

Guy#2: "How can you tell?"

Guy#1: "I can see her brailleola comin through her shirt"
by NakJPaulG July 25, 2012

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