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The boogeyman of Northern California, this character has taken the form of various characterso ver time, including a demon, spirit, human and animal. It is said that he is virtually indestructible and roams the earth in the name of evil. There are several tales involving the Civil Servant, and they have a common theme- if a child misbehaves, then the Sacramento Civil Servant will get them and put them in his sack.

Not much is knonwn of the true origin of these stories. Some claim they were tall-tales spun by nomadic Lebanese immigrants wandering about Northern California at the turn of the 20th century. Others assert the stories are more recent, and are the work of a vindictive communist.
Borgnine, if you don't behave, the Sacramento Civil Servant will take you away!

If the Sacramento Civil Servant offers to trade you something, do not accept! His motive is pure evil!
by NVA Barry January 18, 2006
Crude straight-person code-word for a gay person. Used in order to avoid an uncomfortable social situation.
Last night I hung out with Borgnine and his friend, the home-owner. Although Borgnine is straight, I think he tried to cup my balls several times.

Wow I never would have guessed Procop was a home-owner...all he ever talks about is pussy!
by NVA Barry February 15, 2006
Individual born with outstanding athletic and sexual skills. While others may have to work hard to excel on the athletic field and in the bedroom, natural athletes will achieve great things without practicing or expending much effort.
"Gary is ...not a natural athlete."

"At first glance my partner may appear to be a lowly gizz-mopper, but I can assure you he is a well-endowed natural athlete."
by NVA Barry February 08, 2006
Predecessor to fantasy sports, created during the Depression as a diversionary pleasure. Name is derived from the fact that the leagues are half-assed and ill-conceived, and quickly "tossed" out to be used by friends and acquaintences. Often involved wrestling or grappling activities, although tosa leagues can even include sports such as tennis or skeete-shooting.

Pronounced "Tawssa lig"
Cromwell and I are going to set-up a Tossa-League, want to join?
by NVA Barry January 16, 2006
Infamous professional wrestler and current Ultimate Fighting brawler in the UFC senior circuit, Mr. Khourey became well-known for one of his finishing moves.

This is how it works: When two wrestlers are laying in the ground locked in intense mortal combat, a crafty opportunist can reach around his opponent's back-side and thrust his fore-arm at his opponent's tail-bone (and graze his opponent's nether regions in the process). If executed properly, this causes great pain and feelings of sexual confusion to the victim, and usually leads to a pin. Outlawed in collegiate wrestling, this move has been used by notoriously "dirty" wrestlers/heals such as The Iron Sheik or Big Daddy Duker.

Referred to as the "the Coco Khourey Maneuver," or if you are into brevity, just, "the Coco Khourey."

As Mr. Khoury's career fades into oblivion, his name and reputation live on through the maneuver he poineered.
Check that guy's oil- Coco Khourey-style!

Big Daddy Dooshbag gave Nimesh the Coco Khourey- and it was all over after that.
by NVA Barry April 27, 2006
A bad team, with bad owners, situated in a pathetic city, that will never go anywhere.
Did you see the Sacramento Kings just traded for that cancer Ron Artest? Where's Lionel Simmons when you nee him?

Who cares?
by NVA Barry February 06, 2006
UFC maneuver in which a man who was a failure at karate, wrestling, boxing and any competitive sport, mounts a semi-conscious complete stranger who has done no wrong by him, and then proceeds to beat him to near death, there-by taking out years and years of aggression on him.
Did you see Frank Trigg ground and pound that guy?! Wow Frank has to feel better about himself now.

Those MMA guys are all pussies! Especially the one that just got grounded and pounded!
by NVA Barry January 25, 2006

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